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These are the standard font usage guidelines that apply to all of the typefaces on FontBowl. The major goal is to give font authors as much protection as possible for their intellectual property rights. This license fills in any gaps that might have been left by font authors who did not include all necessary information in their own conditions.

Copyright and Disclaimer

All fonts offered on FontBowl are the intellectual property of their respective authors, unless they are in the public domain and provided they are original. Most fonts are generally free for personal use. The typeface is available for free download or can be bought from the website or market place of the appropriate owner. It is advisable to examine the author’s website or get in touch with him directly if the license is not specified.

Personal Use

All typefaces are available for free download and use for individual purposes as long as they are not used in a racist or unlawful manner. The projects that can use fonts for personal use must not be tied to any commercial or financial gain. This covers work done for gifts, charitable causes, educational endeavors, and other non-commercial enterprises.

Commercial Use

Please look for a readme.txt, license.pdf, or comparable file in the font zip-file for licensing details before using a typeface for commercial purposes. Commercial use is prohibited if no information is provided without the author’s prior written consent. Please get in touch with the author to request a commercial license in this situation. Public domain fonts are available for free commercial use.

Use in a professional setting is referred to as commercial use and includes:

  • Producing design works and rasterized images for use on the web;
  • Producing branding elements, such as logos, for you or your clients;
  • Producing artwork for clothing, packaging, posters, or other similar commercial products, for sale or for use in advertising by you, your business, or your clients (Less than 25,000 Units).

Unless otherwise specified in corresponding specific terms by the each author, you may need an additional license to use the typeface in big volume projects (more than 25,000 units/reproductions), broadcast usage, or embedding in Apps or Websites.


Unless the respective author specifically states otherwise in the font zip-file’s readme.txt, license.pdf, or comparable file, no fonts may be changed, translated, adapted, disassembled, decompiled, or used to produce derivative works. Fonts that are in the public domain are exempt from this restriction and may be freely modified.


All fonts may be freely reproduced and distributed to other people for personal use, but they cannot be sold, distributed, or published unless specifically allowed by the author or if they are in the public domain.

Other Terms

Additional terms set specifically by each font’s author may be applicable; these terms can be found in the font zip file’s readme.txt, license.pdf, or comparable file.


Every font is provided “as is” and without any guarantees. Any harm resulting from the use of the font is not the responsibility of FontBowl or any of the fonts’ individual authors.